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Some students are struggling with Back to School.   One thing we can all agree on is  the Pandemic has taken a toll on our children.  A report published by the CDC on March 1 , 2021 reported that mental health visits for children age 5-11 and 12-17 years increased by 24%
According to  an estimated 40,000 children in the United States have lost a parent to COVID-19 Many families have also lost financial stability during the pandemic. At the same time, children have had vital supports including school, health care services, and other community supports interrupted by the pandemic.
CIT is a provider of the Family Tree Program which provides qualifying Dallas Co. families with students 17 and under 10 Free Counseling Sessions.  There are some restrictions so talk to our office.  This is a State of Texas funded program.
In addition, CIT has COVID counseling funds for  low income Garland residents who have been negatively impacted.  Stress, anxiety, loss of job or loved one.  Qualifying individuals or families can get counseling for a small co pay of $0 – $15 per session.   Individual/Families must qualify so call for details.
Beginning Oct. 1 our regular CDBG  (Community Development Block Grant) will once again begin for low income Garland residents.  Individual/Families must qualify so call for details.
Counseling Institute of Texas is also a training facility for counseling master students.  These sessions run from $15 and up.    If you or your family are needing counseling please call our offices at 972-271-4300.  

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Counseling Institute of Texas has received funding to provide counseling to individuals and families who have been impacted by COVID-19 who are Garland residents.  In addition, CIT has received grant funds from United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to help fund sessions for Dallas Co. individuals and families.   Any of these issues would qualify you:

  • Parent(s) lost job due to COVID-19
  • Parent had to leave job due to staying home with children
  • Student is having stress and anxiety over loss of friends and school
  • Individual is having stress and anxiety of shelter in place
  • Family needs help getting along – too much “togetherness”
  • Someone in family has COVID-19 and is unable to work

Our business office is currently open from 10am – 7pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Friday and Saturday they are open to 10am to 3pm.  Please call so we can help you find a program that fits your needs.  Sessions are held via Tele-Mental Health or in person between  9am – 8pm (7:00 being the last appointment).

In addition to our two COVID grants we have:

Family Tree – Provides 10 sessions for students under 17 and their families Free of Charge.  This program is for short term issues and has a few restrictions.  Please call our offices to schedule.  No income restrictions.

Insurance:              Medicaid – CIT accepts Amerigroup and Parkland     


CDBG:   Funding to assist with counseling for Garland resident students and their families.   Qualifying paperwork needed.  Please  call the office to get the requirements.  Provides 10 sessions.

Sliding Scale:    Staff has a sliding scale of $60 and up (fee will include service charge)

University Practicum Students have a sliding scale of $15 and up (fee will include service charge)

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Call 972-271-4300 for information and to schedule an appointment on line