Counseling Institute of Texas (CIT)  is excited to announce that our sessions are on line!  CIT’s  Tele-Mental Health Program is up and running.   Sessions will be held weekly at the same time and same day.

Our business office is currently open from 10am – 4pm Monday – Saturday to help you find a program that fits your family’s needs.  Sessions are held on the hour between  9am – 8pm (7:00 being the last appointment).  We offer all our same programs but families must sign up for the programs and fill out all paperwork on line prior to the session.

We offer the following programs:

Family Tree – Provides 10 sessions for students under 17 and their families Free of Charge.  This program is for short term issues and has a few restrictoins.  Please call our offices to schedule.  No income restrictions.

Medicaid – CIT accepts Amerigroup and Parkland

CDBG:   Funding to assist with counseling for Garland resident students and their families.   Qualifying paperwork needed.  Please  call the office to get the requirements.  Provides 10 sessions.

Sliding Scale:    Staff has a sliding scale of $60 and up (fee will include service charge)

University Practicum Students have a sliding scale of $15 and up (fee will include service charge)

Call 972-271-4300 for information and to schedule an appointment on line