Counseling Institute of Texas To Partner With Family Tree Program


The Family Tree Program provides free short-term services for Denton and Dallas County youth and their families.  In attempt to reach all families in the DFW area, they have partnered with various agencies.  CIT is excited to announce that we will be able to offer services on behalf of Family Tree.   Here are the things you need to know.

General Eligibility

Youth is under 18 years old, and meets one of the following criteria:

1. There is family conflict (normal conflict – arguing, bickering, etc…)    2. Youth has runaway
3. Youth has been truant
4. Youth has been delinquent

Primary Services:                                                                                                               1. brief family counseling                                                                              2.parenting skills groups in conjuction with family counseling                    3. youth skills groups in conjuction with family counseling           


Cost for Service:        FREE…Paid for by State of Texas

Is there an income limit to be eligible?  No. If Bill Gate’s daughter starts missing curfew and arguing with her parents, they would be eligible.

Are there eligibility exceptions?  Yes. We can’t serve some with CPS cases and we can’t serve  adjudicated youth. We CAN serve deferred adjudication youth. Clients must enter into services voluntarily, and their presenting problem must be appropriate for brief therapy.

Who Do I  Call?  Call CIT at 972-271-4300

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