Counseling Institute of Texas opened their Rock Garden to the public.  

This project is designed to spread joy and kindness. Our community garden is located at Counseling Institute of Texas located at 3200 Southern Blvd, Suite 100  Garland, TX 75043. While this garden is used for our play therapy clients, it is also is open to all.  Please feel free to leave a rock, take a rock, or hide a rock. Please leave as many or more than you take while our garden is growing.

Rock Guidelines: Only decorate rocks with paint. No advertising. All rocks should be motivational and uplifting. No profanity. Write Kindness Rocks on the back and the facebook symbol. Seal with clearcoat for weatherproofing.

Hiding Guidelines: No hiding on private property, cemeteries, national or state parks. Only hide outdoors. Do not hide rocks anywhere that could cause harm, like in bike paths or hidden in grass that might be mowed.

Participation Guidelines: Paint rocks according to the guidelines. Post pics of the rocks with or without clues to where you might hide them on the Facebook page at

Leave the rock  in the garden or out in the community.  Also take pics of any rocks found and post on the Facebook to bring joy to the painter.  The rock is then either yours to keep, exchange or re-hide. Enjoy and remember: Kindness Rocks!


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